Posted on 9/27/2020 by SuperUser Account

Eric "Hutch" Hutchison has been working with hose throughout his career.

To say that Eric "Hutch" Hutchison knows hose is an understatement. Having spent 37 years as a firefighter, including 14 years as a battalion chief, he's certainly used to putting out fires.

Eric HutchisonBut his experience goes far beyond that. Hutch has worked for three different environmental companies and was directly involved in hazardous material cleanup efforts. During his time at Hulcher Services, he oversaw the cleanup of quite a few spills and knows the importance of having the right hose to help with the job.

Now, as the newest sales member of the Milpaws team, he's ready to put his years of experience in helping Milpaws customers find the ideal hose solution to solve whatever fluid conveyance challenges they may face.

"I've seen a lot of hose that was laid and a lot of hose that has been ruined during my haz mat time," said Hutch. "I certainly understand the importance of finding the right hose for the task at hand."

Before Hutch began working with Milpaws he was actually a customer, buying hose and fittings for Hulcher Services and Enviroserve. Now that he's on the sales side, Hutch says he has a special empathy for treating the customer right.

"It's important to really listen to the problem the customer is facing," said Hutch. "You've got to listen to their needs, then find a solution that will work for them. I think my industry knowledge will be a big help, especially in the environmental industry," he added.

"Bottom line, you've got to go out and find the business. You can't sit around waiting for it to come to you. I'm excited to be a part of Milpaws. We've got the connections. We've got the products. I'm looking forward to this being a great relationship."

Milpaws agrees and is happy to have Hutch on our team. To get in touch with Hutch, call 618-791-4860 or email