ORS braze type

ORS/SAE O-Ring Boss


ORS to SAE 37˚ (JIC) Flare


ORS Accessories

SAE O-Ring Boss

Pipe to Pipe

Pipe to 37° Flare

Pipe to 45° Flare - Brass

Pipe to SAE O-Ring Boss

Pipe to Braze and Weld

SAE 37° (JIC) flare union

SAE 45° Flare Union

SAE O-Ring to 37° Flare

SAE Split Flange to ORS

SAE split flange to 37° flare

SAE Swivel Flange to SAE Split Flange

SAE Flareless to 37° Union

Braze and Weld to Split Flange

Braze and Weld to 37° Flare

Versil-flare™ - Flareless and Flare


Metric to 37° Flare

ORS to Metric

BSPP Thread

BSPT Thread

JIS 30° Thread

Stainless Steel