Posted on 4/28/2020 by SuperUser Account

While it's true that alcohol sales have gone up during this ongoing pandemic, so has the need for hand sanitizers. Long-time client O'Fallon Brewery was looking to help fill that need so they turned to Milpaws to develop adapters that could convert a portion of their beer line to producing hand sanitizers instead.

Bottle of Hand Sanatizer

The result? A new line of O'Fallon Brewery Hand Sanitizer.

Though O'Fallon Brewery isn't looking to turn their hand sanitizer into a national brand, it is a great example of how companies are stepping up to do their part in not only battling the coronavirus but also keep business working.

Case of Sanitizer

Not only is O'Fallon Brewery great at brewing beer, they make a great hand sanitizer, too!

In the coming months, companies are going to need to develop new ways of working. We simply cannot return to business as usual. It's going to take American ingenuity to find new opportunities. Milpaws is ready to help. We've always been in the business of solving problems for our customers' fluid conveyance challenges. We salute O'Fallon Brewery for developing their hand sanitizer. To recognize their efforts, we'll be including a complementary bottle of O'Fallon Brewery Hand Sanitizer with every new order from Milpaws Online Store*. We've made it super easy to get more than 25,000 parts and products from ContiTech, Aeroquip and Dixon delivered right to your door - along with your complementary bottle of O'Fallon Brewery Hand Sanitizer. So try it - you'll like it! And if it's custom solutions you need, we're just a phone call away. 314-503-5502

* While supplies last