Posted on 4/8/2020 by SuperUser Account

Long before Covid 19 extended its grip on America and throughout the world, causing businesses to shut down and families to self isolate at home, we were in the midst of planning a move to our new location at 6000 Manchester Avenue while still working to solve the fluid conveyance needs of our customers.

Machined plate We have ramped up machining of these brackets used by a regional manufacturer of ventilators.
Nitrogen hose approved for breathing Per our request, 15,000 feet of nitrogen gas hose has been fast-tracked for delivery.

Calling that a challenge is an understatement.

Still, we got ourselves moved in. And though a lot of businesses have gone into hibernation, there are still companies out there that need our services - and we will not let them down.

One of our customers is a regional manufacturer of hospital ventilators. Even with the move to our new location, we were able to ramp up our production of machining brackets for these ventilators. The amount we normally provide them quarterly, we're now providing on a weekly basis that will extend into the next few months. 

That same customer also buys nitrogen gas hose that has been approved for breathing applications. They recently sent an emergency order for 15,000 feet of the hose. When we contacted the hose plant, they said delivery would be in 6-8 weeks.

When we explained the need for the hose and the immediacy of the order, we received an entirely different answer. The order was moved to the front of the production schedule and will ship to Milpaws this coming Monday. Our hats off to them!

Not only is the Defense Production Act working, it is resulting in extraordinary things being done to battle this disease on many different fronts.

Milpaws fits the definition of an essential business. So many of the products we provide and custom solutions we develop are essential to a variety of businesses and industries. We are committed to continuing to provide whatever it takes to help our customers not just survive, but ultimately thrive.

If you need parts and products for your fluid conveyance needs, you can order more than 25,000 of them from ContiTech, Aeroquip and Dixon via Milpaws Online Store.

And if it's custom solutions you need, we're just a phone call away. 314-503-5502