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Bayloc Dry Disconnect Vapor Adapter x Female NPSM

Material: Stainless Steel,

SKU: DBAV73-2030
$778.85 $389.43


  • compatible with most cam and groove style dry disconnects
  • helps prevent spillage from normal or accidental disconnects
  • for use in transfer of hazardous fluids


  • two-piece adapter design for easy rebuilding of adapters
  • fully interchangeable with Kamvalok (OPW trademark) style fittings
  • for pressure ratings at other temperatures, contact Milpaws
  • contact Milpaws for chemical compatibility, size, material selection and special configurations
  • spring loaded sealing device snaps closed should valve become disconnected with the poppet open
  • stainless steel corrosion resistance is equivalent to 304 stainless steel