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Bayloc Dry Disconnect Coupler Locking Kit

Material: Stainless Steel, Includes: valve handle

$117.35 $58.68


  • automatic closing poppet assembly
  • must be used with a DBA style adapter for coupler to operate, sold separately
  • fully interchangeable with Kamvalok (OPW trademark) fittings
  • maximum operating pressure at 70°F (21°C):

1½" - 210 PSI
2" - 150 PSI
3" - 120 PSI

  • aluminum fittings have stainless internals equivalent to 304 stainless
  • stainless handle allows exposure to corrosive chemicals or wash down service
  • heavy duty handle attachment prevents bending of crank assembly
  • one piece stainless crank and link provide long service life
  • EZ Boss-Lock™ cam arms, standard on all 1½" and 2" fittings, provide high security from accidental opening due to vibration or snagging
  • large paddle type locking cam arms, standard on 3" fittings,allow for an easy grip
  • optional coupler lock for handle to prevent unintentional opening